Business continuity measures are important. But it’s usually difficult for organizations to devise and implement their own business continuity strategy.

Our technology experts focus exclusively on business continuity.  We develop and maintain a business continuity plan that keeps your most crucial IT operations and data out of harm’s way but always available to you.

  • Complete Workstation – We provide complete workstation backup for all files and folders.  Files remain available for retention up to 30 days after deletion.  During those 30 days, we also offer unlimited revisions.  Our retention policies are customizable.
  • Umbrella Services – Our Business Umbrella services protect workstations and servers from weather and other disasters with backup intervals as frequent as every 15 minutes.  In the event of a major disaster, all covered machines can be accessed and used within a cloud environment to maintain an organization’s activities.
  • Email Server – We protect against email server crashes.  Our cloud-based continuity platform protects against server crashes and offers continued email services completely independent of your server.