About Us

ICT Australia is an information and communication technology service provider and system integrator based in Sydney NSW. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in providing small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with a high standard of professional IT services. We are trusted IT partners to a network of clients in the education, healthcare, and IT industry sectors. Our values of ongoing commitment to high standards of client service and support ensure that we are backed by market-leading vendors. We deliver unparalleled IT solutions that help our clients succeed.

Our Team

Each of our IT specialists is an expert in their field, utilizing their extensive skills to help your business stay ahead of customer and market trends. 

Our dynamic team is made up of 

  • Engineers– The problem solvers – Our engineers identify the health of your IT database systems and network infrastructure, resolving issues with new technology.
  • Software developers – The implementors– Our developers speak the language of code and rewrite the laws that build the backbone of your IT programs.
  • Support and accounts staff – The knowledge helpers- answer any concerns, queries and manage your accounts and logistics.
  • Marketing – The storytellers – help decipher data into actionable IT plans which are then translated into stories that make your audiences feel connected.

Our Expertise

  • Affordable – We offer flexible IT solutions that are customized to your business needs, our prices are customizable and include a monthly fee 
  • Proactive – We maximize your efficiency and uptime through proactive maintenance and monitoring of your infrastructure. 
  • Processes – We look at the big picture and the smaller details that make up your complete IT planed processes. 

Get In Touch With Us – We know that your time is valuable, so let us take care of your IT needs instead of wasting your precious time. Contact us today for a consultation on (02) 8188 4899.